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Kastanje rouge   Dwelling
Sculpture objects   Wall sculpture
Euphoria   Euphoria
Euphoria, backlight   Euphoria, installation
Martall, roots   Whole
Blue Lagoon Pink   Wild at heart-flower
Blue Lagoon Black 1   Blue Lagoon Black 6
Blue Lagoon Black   Sense Soft Diesel
Eternal   Growing
Kinky plant   Lava Run
Next to you   Moving
Lava Plant    
Glacier Tracks   Glacier Tracks1
Glacier Tracks 4   Glacier Tracks 5
Sense   Soft
Diesel   More like a Skeleton
Day of your own   Day of your own
Walking Mountains   Lava Shelves
Lava Shelf 1   Glacier Tracks
Commission Akalla Nya Grundskola 2012-2013
Ringen   Ringen,fäste
Repet   Vågen,löparbanan
Krater   Mountain
Feet   Löparbana
Allready made   Runningteam

"overview studio" 2004



Detail from ”Fragment of
a campingmemory”


”Standing feet"