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Rage   Gläntan
Calm   Stenröset
Gläntan gul   Källan
Gläntan Varsel   Gläntan Källan
Gläntan ljus   Gläntan
Ghostpainting1   Ghostpainting2
Ghostpainting3   Ghostpainting4
Nike-tree   Twins
Crater painting   Vulcano
"Balcony cloud"   "Treeman"

Treasure and happy days"


"Awake and new stories"


"From one story to another"


"From one room to another"


”Circus ”

”Lisa och linorna”

”Red Painting”


”Heimat blue”


"Jalusie jaune"

"Teckning olja"

"Early in the morning work"

"Spielplatz"   "Spielplatz2"
"Spielplatz Heimat"   "D-bubble"
"Waltzing Matilda"