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in the stone there was a

lot of talk

  Gallerie Fagerstedt 2016 You are talking to me Painting !  
Rage   Gläntan
House of plant   Garden Bright
Garden Bright 2   Lonely Red
Calm   Stenröset
Gläntan gul   Källan
Gläntan Varsel   Gläntan Källan
Gläntan ljus   Gläntan
Ghostpainting1   Ghostpainting2
Ghostpainting3   Ghostpainting4
Nike-tree   Twins
Crater painting   Vulcano
"Balcony cloud"   "Treeman"

Treasure and happy days"


"Awake and new stories"


"From one story to another"


"From one room to another"


”Red Painting”


”Heimat blue”


"Jalusie jaune"

"Teckning olja"

"Early in the morning work"

"Spielplatz"   "Spielplatz2"
"Spielplatz Heimat"   "D-bubble"
"Waltzing Matilda"